Engagement & Wedding Ring Care: 5 Tips to Try

Most engagement ring and wedding band use diamonds so it’s only natural you want those diamonds as shiny and sparkly as possible. To do so, you need to take measures to clean and store your engagement ring and wedding band the right way so those diamonds won’t scratch, chip, fall out of it’s place or get dirty. While you can always take it into a jeweler for a professional cleaning, here are tips you could try to keep your engagement ring and wedding band safe and in good condition:


  • Take it off sometimes It’s necesarry to take off your engagement ring or wedding band once in a while to protect the diamonds. Certain activities in your daily life could expose your diamonds to abrasive chemicals, for example: washing dishes, scrubing the bathroom, doing laundry, etc. Workout, lifting heavy things, other hand related labor or rigorous activities could also risk your diamonds being chipped, so it’s a smart move to take your engagement ring or wedding band off while doing so.
  • Store it when you’re not wearing it It’s important to have a secluded, safe, clean, and dry place for your diamonds so you could store it there when you need to take your engagement ring or wedding band off. If you store your diamond engagement or wedding ring together with other jewelry in a cramped box, it could get scratched. Another great idea is to have a designated safe spot for your ring around your house where you need to take it off often, like the bathroom or the kitchen, just to make sure you won’t lose it.
  • Clean it regularly
    Dirt from your fingers or other things such as body lotions could build up and take its toll on the appearance of your diamond engagement ring or wedding band. To clean your ring, soak it in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, gently scrub it with old toothbrush, then dry it with soft cloth. You can do this by yourself at home, but it’s also a good idea to take your diamond jewelery for a profesional cleaning for at least once a year.


While diamonds are tough, it’s not impossible for your diamond engagement ring or wedding band to get chipped or lose its shine. Do inspect your diamond regularly and bring it to a profesional jeweler immediately if you notice signs of damage in your diamonds, the prongs or other ring setting.