Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring with 4C: Cut & Carat

After learning about color & clarity [link to previous article], there are two other C’s you need to consider before  making a diamond engagement ring or wedding band purchase: cut and carat. Cut determines how much the diamond in your engagement ring will sparkle, while carat  refers to the diamond's total weight.


People often misunderstood and think a diamond carat refers to its size, while its actually refers to its weight. A carat of diamond equals to 200 milligrams. It can also measured in points with a carat equals to 100 points. If all factors are equal, the diamond prices will be differentiated according to its carat weight. The larger a diamond carat weight is, the more expensive it will get. This happened because over million pieces of rough material must be mined to produce a 1 carat finished diamond.


A diamond carat weight has two factors: the top diameter and the cut grade. The distance accros the top of a diamond is its diameter and it needs to be measured in millimeters. The cut grade also affecting the diamonds carat weight. When the diamond cut grade is very good or higher, light will be reflected out of the top, making a small carat weight diamond look larger. On the other hand, a high-carat diamond might look smaller when the cut grade is poor.


A diamond cut considered to be the most important factor when you’re planning to purchase a diamond engagement ring or wedding band. Cut in a diamond does not refer to its shape, but to its proportion, symmetry, and polish. A higher cut grade diamond will create a sparkle. Even though the diamond other factor, such as clarity or color, are high in grade, if it has a poor cut grade the diamond might appear lifeless. Conversely, an excellent cut grade diamond with H color grade and SI1 clarity grade would still look quite beautiful.


There are 5 cut grade assigned by the GIA: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The excellent cut grade means the diamonds create exceptional sparkle and life while the poor grade would be assigned to a diamond with a noticeably dull & lifeless appearance. You migh want to avoid poor cut grade diamonds when purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band despite its lower price.

Now that you understand the 4Cs, you can use these factors as a consideration when purchasing a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or other diamond jewelery. Of course your preference and bugdet will play a bigger role, but you can compromise to work it out using these 4C. For example, you can save money by considering to purchase lower carat diamond with a very good cut grade, focusing more on the diamond’s beauty and less emphasis on its size. After all the 4C’s are just a tool to help you choose the best diamond for your jewelery. And really, that’s what matters the most.

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