Diamond History, from Rough Rock to Breathtaking Jewellery

There’s a wealth of history and knowledge surrounding diamonds. Early in history, this popular gemstone we know nowadays was once believed to be pieces of stars that had fallen to earth. Since then, diamond have a long history and has to go through a lot before it becomes an extraordinary piece of jewellery.

Rough, uncut diamond

Diamonds, surprisingly, are composed of the same substance with coal: carbon. The difference in how the carbon is formed makes diamonds stronger and more valuable than coals. The first diamond were found and mined in India in 4 century BC. At that time diamond was a valued material but aren’t considered a jewel, yet. The gemstone were used not only for decorations but also served as talisman which were believed to provide protection.


By the 15th century the European aristocrat’s love for diamond as engagement ring and fashionable jewellery had its start. These happened because diamond's brilliance proven to be at greater advantage than colored stones. Since then, the more common usage of this precious gemstone is in form of jewellery such as  engagement ring, wedding ring, bridal set, necklace, bracelet, etc.


Diamonds used in jewellery


Even though ater the 15th century diamonds are mainly used for jewellery, it wasn’t until the mid 19th century diamond for jewellery became accessible on a larger scale which led to the commercial popularity of this gemstone. Today, it becomes widely recognized as a brilliant, glamorous, precious and most sought-after stone to be used in jewellery.


With its rich history, diamonds now become natural choice to signify a strength, purity, love, fidelity, and a lasting union. Whether you’re buying wedding band or gifts to celebrate sixtieth anniversary, diamonds are the perfect choice for everyone. You can find the best diamond for all of your occasion in Mondial’s wide selection of diamond jewellery series.