Crazy Rich Dazzling Inspiration

The movie Crazy Rich Asian has been a great success in many parts of the world. As we all have seen it, there were so many glitzy and flashy stuff appearances. Glamour dresses, fancy cars, and gigantic jewelleries especially, the emerald ring worn by Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh) being the crème de la crème of the adornment parade during the whole movie.

If you are inspired by the movie and interested to dazzle yourself with some gems and blinks, here are some special collection you may consider to be your valuable possessions from Mondial jeweler, Indonesia.

Wonder Lush

This one is our favorite. Mounted in 18K white gold and decorated with diamonds, this 3.30 carat Emerald has a beautiful vivid green color with brilliant clarity. And on top of it, it is natural and not oil treated.

Grand Forest

Five nearly identical Colombian Emeralds with total around 13.63 carat are set in a magnificent diamond necklace, making it such a masterpiece to possess and adore. The green color will immerse you like you are in a middle of a rainforest with waterfalls.

The Green Drops

A pair of total nearly 12.50 carat Colombian emeralds set in diamonds and 18K white gold. A beauty that will never be missed by anyone’s eyes.


It’s a beautiful 5.63 carat Colombian emerald and 100 pieces of diamonds total 1.23 carat colorless diamonds in a ladies ring. The mesmerizing green combined with brilliant flash from the diamonds will magically impress and adorn you.

Sui Generis

This unique piece of ring is made of 13.78 carat Unheated Blue Sapphire, surrounded by 10 pieces of colorless diamonds in total 3.61 carat. Cut in a sugarloaf shape, this collection is really one of a kind.