Central Mega Kencana Establishes Health Procedures as 'New Normal' in Each of Its Jewelry Stores Spread Throughout Indonesia

Jakarta, May 29, 2020 - Central Mega Kencana (CMK) as an umbrella company for major jewelry retailers in Indonesia namely Mondial, Frank & Co., Miss Mondial and The Palace Jeweler, reopens all jewelry outlets scattered throughout Indonesia after closing them since last March 27. "We are preparing to reopen all jewelry outlets simultaneously throughout Indonesia by preparing a new SOP based on government recommendations, we need to implement this action as "New Normal" because the health and comfort of the visitors of the outlets is a top priority," explained Petronella Soan as Operational Director of PT Central Mega Kencana. Nella continued, "We have modified the new health protocol in the retail industry for the jewelry retail industry imposed by CMK and still we hope to see a decrease in the corona positive numbers while restarting business," she concluded.

The followings are the New Health Procedures that CMK has adopted as New Normal since the jewelry stores reopened:




TEMPERATURE CHECKING: Visitors to all CMK jewelry outlets, must first have their temperature checked by the GSO (General Service Officer), in this case, is security using a thermo gun.


HYGIENIC BOOTH: Visitors to the CMK jewelry booth will be directed by the GSO (General Service Officer) to a hygienic booth to self-disinfect when entering the area.


MANDATORY TO USE A MASK: Any visitor who does not carry a mask can take one from the hygienic booth and must wear it while in the CMK jewelry outlet area.


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF VISITORS: TSubhe maximum number of visitors is 5 people. If you have 5 people inside, the 6th visitor must wait before someone comes out to enter the CMK jewelry store. It is included in this regulation that all CMK outlets are not allowed to hold events/crowds until the specified deadline.


SET OF DISTANCED CHAIR: The seating of visitors either on a display table or sofa is given a minimum arrangement of 1 meter so that they are not close together.



MANDATORY TO USE A MASK: All Frontliners are required to use the supplied mask and replace it every 4 hours while in the CMK jewelry area.

TEMPERATURE CHECKING: All Frontliners are also required to check their body temperature using a thermo gun. If the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to go home (do not enter the outlet area first).

USE OF HAND SANITIZER: Required to use a hand sanitizer periodically, before serving visitors, in the middle of the interaction process, and when finished serving visitors.

CHAIR SETTINGS: Seat arrangements between Frontliners are at least 1 meter (not mutual)adjacent) and prohibited from crowding in the outlet area.

AVOID PHYSICAL CONTACTS: Required to avoid any physical contact with visitors (it is recommended to give a namaste greeting rather than shake hands).

CLEANING EDC MACHINE: A mandatory, EDC machine cleaned with 70% alcohol using clean cotton/tissue before the visitor put the pin in the EDC machine, and then do the disinfection afterwards.

CASHLESS: Encourage visitors to pay cashless using a debit/credit card or by the transfer method.

SEALED DRINK: Serving drinks that are sealed and served for each visitor, serving drinks in a glass is no longer allowed.

UNIT FOOD PACKAGING: Serving food in unit packaging (for example cookies wrapped in a unit or bread wrapped in plastic). It is forbidden to serve food directly from a plate without the packaging itself.



JEWELRY CLEANING: Before display, the product must be cleaned using 70% alcohol (this is done every opening of the store before it is placed on the storefront).


PRODUCTS THAT WILL BE TRIED: Before and after the product is tried by a visitor, it must be re-sterilized (cleaned using a disinfectant).


CLEANING EDUCATION: If a customer purchased a jewelry, Frontliners are required to provide education on how to properly clean and care the jewelry


CLEANING STORES AREA: GSO (General Service Officer) is required to disinfect all furniture, furniture, displays and glass inside and outside the room using disinfectants and microfiber cloths.


MANDATORY TO WEAR A MASK: All GSO (General Service Officers) are required to use masks that have been provided while in the CMK jewelry area.


THERMO GUN: Always standby with a thermo gun to check the body temperature of all frontliners and visitors who will enter the outlet area. If the body temperature is above 37.5'C it is required to politely request the person not to enter the CMK jewelry area.


HAND SANITIZER: Use hand sanitizers regularly and provide them close by so they are easily accessible by visitors who want to enter the CMK jewelry area.


HYGIENIC BOOTH: Directing visitors to first sterilize the hygienic booth area and use the masks provided at the booth.


VISITORS MAXIMUM AMOUNT: Ensuring that only 5 people are allowed in mobile number that can be contacted when the outlet can be visited. If the 6th visitor wishes to enter the store, GSO must politely explain about the physical distancing implementation inside CMK retail stores. They can wait outside the store or leave their reachable phone number and will soon be contacted once the store can be visited.



About PT Central Mega Kencana

PT Central Mega Kencana started its business in the realm of gold and diamond jewelry manufacturing business since 1970, and started retail business in 1996 by opening Frank & Co first store located in Pondok Indah Mall. Now, PT Central Mega Kencana is the biggest retail jewelry company in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

Until now, PT CMK houses four leading diamond jewelry brands in Indonesia – Mondial, Frank & Co, Miss Mondial, and The Palace. Each of these brands targets a different market and has a  different design character. PT CMK guarantees that every diamond provided to customers is natural diamonds originating from the natural resources with a conflict free mining process.

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