Diamond Education

Diamond Buying Guide : 4Cs of Diamonds

Color, clarity, cut, and carat, these 4C are important characteristics to consider when you evaluate a diamond. It will help when you need to purchase diamond engagement ring or wedding band.

A Cut in a diamond refer to its proportion, symmetry & polish, and the GIA assigned 5 cut grade: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.

A higher cut grade diamond will create a sparkle. Even though the other factor, such as clarity or color, are high in grade, if it has a poor cut grade the diamond might appear lifeless.

A diamond color referes to its clearness. The less color a diamond has, the higher a diamond color grade. The highest color grade of diamond is grade D and the lowest is grade Z.

Mondial's diamond are grade D-F only. Grade D diamond is absolutely colorless and extremely rare, grade E-F diamond are still colorless but with a minute traces of color which can be detected only by an expert.


A diamond clarity refers to how many imperfection, also known as the inclusions, the gem has. Bigger inclusions will affect a diamond brilliance, that’s why the fewer and less visible the inclusions, the higher a diamond clarity grade. The highest clarity grade of diamond is grade FL and the lowest is I3.

Grade FL and IF diamonds are flawless even under 10x magnification. Grade FL have no visible blemishes and grade IF have very slightly blemishes. Both are the rarest clarity grade. The next clarity grade of diamond is grade VVS1 and VVS2, both has a very few inclusion but still difficult to spot at 10x magnification

People often misunderstood and think a diamond carat refers to its size, while its actually refers to its weight. A carat of diamond equals to 200 milligrams. It can also measured in points with a carat equals to 100 points.

A diamond carat weight has two factors: the top diameter and the cut grade. The distance accros the top of a diamond is its diameter and it needs to be measured in millimeters.

The cut grade also affecting the diamonds carat weight. When the diamond cut grade is very good or higher, light will be reflected out of the top, making a small carat weight diamond look larger.