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Mondial Excellent Cut

Mondial Excellent Cut™ (MEC) is a diamond of the highest quality that only offers Quadrant One colours from grades D to G and clarity from Flawless to VS1. Mondial Excellent Cut™ has been measured using 49 Parameters as a standard to select the very best diamonds of all.

The 49 Parameters have far higher standards than the standard selection criteria of diamonds consisting of 4C (Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity) and Triple Excellence (Cut, Polish, Symmetry). Each piece of Mondial Excellent Cut™ needs to surpass our quality control, and exceed the high standards of 49 Parameters in order to be in the MEC category. If one parameter cannot be fulfilled, then that diamond is not qualified to be in the Mondial Excellent Cut™ category. That is the reason why every Mondial Excellent Cut™ diamond is specially selected from the finest diamonds in the world and they are not easy to acquire.

Aside from being supported by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification, Mondial Excellent Cut™ also attains our in-house certificate from the trusted MondialLab. Mondial Excellent Cut becomes The World's First Beyond GIA-Graded Triple Excellent Diamonds Selected under 49 Parameters.


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