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Swan Series

True Legendary Love

The Swan is an icon of legendary undying love, inspired by the sensual grace and immortal beauty of its pairing. Swans are the ultimate symbols of everlasting fidelity and undying love. The glorious Swan is rightfully captured in all its artistry and joyous beauty in Joaillerie d'Amour from Mondial.

Inspired by European design that showcases the curves of its graceful neck and its regal outspread wings, to the fine details of feathers and its loving demeanor, the beauty and legendary magnificence of the Swan is immortalized by our master jewellers' artistry. Each design is artfully expressed with the contrasting colours of gold and embellished with different cuts of the finest diamonds.

With the success of the Swan's first series, Mondial now reveals the Swan's second series with new varieties of stunning designs that highlight more of the Swan's natural curves, creating 3D effects that closely resemble the Swan's distinctive outlines. In this new series, white diamonds are perfectly combined with black diamonds to give a strong and striking look and shape to the Swan. Its eyes are crafted with beautiful, dazzling blue diamonds that makes its gaze appear even more ravishing.

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