Press Release

  • Mondial Jeweler Designs New Vega Collection - Color Stone Jewelry

    Jul 16,2012

    JAKARTA (16 July 2012) – Mondial Jeweler extends its chic colorful jewelry line with the latest series of VEGA. Following the successful launch of the first series last year, VEGA collection comes back with new designs and more choices of eye-popping colors. Unlike the first series which mainly comes in two main colors (blue and yellow), the new series will also include various colors such as pink, green, and purple.

  • Mondial Jeweler Adds ‘REVERTI’ to Its Earrings Collection

    Jun 11,2012

    JAKARTA (11 June 2012) – Mondial Jeweler debuts ravishing designs of reversible earrings named REVERTI as its newest earrings collection. Inspired by woman’s vitality and flexibility characteristics, the new designs display rich texture and detail which make the new collection as must-have fashion jewelry for woman.

  • Mondial Jeweler Presents The Perfection of Beauty

    May 21,2012

    Jakarta, 21 May 2012 – ‘The Perfection of Beauty’ For women, perfection can be symbolized by something beautiful and the beauty can be embodied by the presence of The Perfection of Beauty. This time, Mondial Jeweler offer the most complete Jewelry Set, where we really understand that every woman’s life journey has a special moment therefore Mondial Jeweler accompany and complement the life of every woman with the most complete Jewelry Set.

  • Mondial Jeweler Introduces "Glamorous Gems", The Latest & Exclusive Precious Stones Collection

    Feb 8,2012

    Jakarta (8 February 2012) - Mondial Jeweler welcomes 2012 with'Glamorous Gems', the latest & exclusive precious stones collection with choices of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.


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