Press Release

  • Unveiling Haute Couture Masterpieces

    Sep 8,2014

    The Palace Jeweler selama ini telah dikenal sebagai brand perhiasan berlian berkualitas tinggi. Demi mencapai performa terbaik, kini kami dengan bangga mengumumkan transformasi The Palace Jeweler menjadi Mondial Jeweler.

  • New Bangring™ Collection

    Jan 17,2013

    JAKARTA (17 January 2013) – Mondial Jeweler introduces new designs from The Bangring™ collection to welcome the Year of the Water Snake. The Bangring™, one of the famous “The World’s First” collections from Mondial Jeweler, is a matched series of glamorous bangles and ring. This exclusive creation was first launched on 2010 and since then has become the most favorite collection for diamond lovers. The degree of difficulty in handcrafting bangles makes the number of bangles collection in other jewelry companies are often limited. Mondial Jeweler has the most variant of The Bangring™ (bangles and rings) up to 53 matched series and the collection has been recognized as the most complete collection in the world.

  • Mondial Jeweler Introduces Mondial Brilliant Rose

    Oct 10,2012

    JAKARTA (10 October 2012) – Mondial Jeweler enchants the senses with the new creation of its high jewelry collection –Mondial Brilliant Rose. Symbolizing love and beauty, the breathtaking creation with distinctive and stunning designs showcases Mondial Jeweler’s amazing craftsmanship.

  • Mondial Brilliant Rose Fact

    Oct 9,2012

    What distinguishes Mondial Brilliant Rose from regular round cut diamond?


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