The Company

Today, Mondial Jeweler proudly features distinctive collections of the World's First that are crafted to perfection.

It is at Mondial Jeweler that the best quality and the most valuable jewelleries are ensured through the privilege of direct supply from two international sightholders, as well as the certification from the Gemological Institute of America, the world's foremost authority in jewellery.

Mondial employs stringent selection criteria when it comes to its diamonds, therefore ensuring that the ones that are hand-picked are of the highest standards and quality. This enables Mondial to achieve many World's First patents and accolades for its premium collections:

• The World's First Beyond GIA-Graded Triple Excellent Diamonds Selected under 49 Parameters, called Mondial Excellent Cut™.

• The World's First untreated Pearls achieving GIA Excellent grade for it's Luster, called Mondial Excellent Pearl™.

• The World's First only Type IIa Diamonds Graded D , FL - IF by GIA and selected Under 49 Parameters, The Light of Mondial™. 

• The World's First Modified Princess Cut diamonds achieving GIA Excellent grades for Polish and Symmetry, The Mondial FireMark™.

• The World's First matched 53 series of Glamorous Bangles and Rings, The Bangring™.